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Il divano nella foto è di        Vama divani

Pink Floyd –Us and Them -from The album –The dark side of the moon

“Dobbiamo abbandonarci

all’enigma che è

simbolo di tante cose,

enigmatiche e irrazionali

del nostro essere

(Renè Magritte)


Alessandro Gambetti with visionary, brings to scene a doubled humanity in a series of paintings elaborated at the computer: an original and unusual mix that has the rare capacity of harmonically melting the fluidity and the pictorial heat with the rigidity, the coldness of the computer. Like modern sacred statues, bits of human figures emerge from the canvas in a perfect optical and illusionistic game and with a hint of that renders the bodies real and throbbing, that gives respiration at times so much so as,to make, similar these nudes to icons of a lay santctit all contemporary, a modern statue or nike of every day life.

The authentic interpretation of Gambetti is influenced by the recent discovery of the language of the computer graphic, so much so as to render his work true and proper “digital photo picture”, “graphic re elaboration” that slide from the figurative to the abtract, from the allegory to the icon deformation, combining renaissance reccollections with contemporaneous languages that much is owed to Escher, Dalì, Ernst, Magritte and Warhol, in a roundup of revised snapshots with great freedom. It is the same Franco Campoli who maintains that “the artist loves to entrust to revise graphically, subjects already belongings to his cultural group, accomplishing a series of work that represent the human figure, that, trough the study of visual perception, have the main particularity of being seen in three dimensions, like a stereogram” that is a two dimensional image capable of arriving at a three dimensional vision of the said, thanks to a sequence repeated several times and taking advantage of the binocular mechanism of man.

Martina Marolda


ArtSteps -virtual art gallery by Alessandro Gambetti




Niente puoi raggiungere

se non lo sogni”

( Stephen Littleword)

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