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Dear friend, you are welcome in my personal page. This page is hidden (it doesn't have external links) if you come here random, you are welcome too! 
y name is Marcello, I am 195 cm tall and I live in a place called Certaldo, a small country town in Tuscany, Italy, near Florence, Siena and San Gimignano, situated in the green hills where the best wine in the world is produced: 'Il Chianti'.
I was born in 1959 and studied to be a programmer.
Now I am working as a free lance in the field of the tourist software and internet.
I have been separated since 1992 after a 4 year marriage experience and I have a young son, very sweet natured and good : Matteo.
In the course of my life I have had many passions: from chemistry to electronics, from astrology to the study of the oriental doctrines, from music (I like playing the guitar) to computers. I like swimming, volley ball very much, and a little body building ...
I love read books, and the author that I prefer is Hermann Hesse, in particular his wonderful "The game of the pearls of glass."(perhaps the title in English is different!). Other authors that I like are : Montaigne, Ikeda, Freud, Jung, Castaneda, Isabel Allende, Hofstadter, Dostojewski, Barbault, Oliver Sacks, Proust, Capra, Asimov, Gianni Rodari, Buzzati.... and many others!
Now my desire is above all, to become a person valid in helping others, to find a person to share my life with and create a happy family and home together.
I detest violence, war, oppression, egoism, indifference, attachment to money.
I love peace, altruism, non-violence, giving joy and real happiness.


Some year ago..I was soldier and in this moment of relax was reading a tractate of psicology...
In 1991 was born my nice son Matteo !
Matteo Is a very sweet boy... here after some years.
Matteo whit his father most recently ...
This is the most recent picture of Matteo.
This is the most recent picture of Me.

OK , now you know me better ! If  you want know more things about me please
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Take care of you my dear friend !!